“This is the best physical therapy I’ve ever experienced. David Borgeson is not only a brilliant physical therapist, he’s also an inspiring life coach, though he would never call it that. I visited David for a troublesome lumbar problem and he designed a simple regimen for me that (literally) changed my life. Within weeks, the numbness in my leg diminished significantly and I started experimenting with yoga, pilates, mindful breathing, and other activities. David is a one-of-a-kind physical therapist who focuses on your whole being, not just whatever ailment is troubling you at the moment. And he really cares. Working with David, I lost weight, started exercising regularly, and became a stronger, more vibrant person. Thank you, David.” -Hugh D

“I met David about 5 years ago seeking additional treatment and exercises after a hip replacement. David is uniquely qualified at what he does in addition to being a wonderful and compassionate human being. When you are in his clinic his focus is on you 100%, no distractions, loud music, noisy clients in the same room. No, none of that. David is very generous with his time often going beyond the scheduled hour in order to explain or answer questions to the non initiate as to how the body works. Over time he has suffered his own injuries so he understands well the many concerns/questions patients bring to him. I am hard put to think of a better physical therapist (healer) and human being. He loves what he does and it shows. I certainly plan to be his patient till the end of time.” – Ellen W

“I have had a lot of physical therapy in my long years but David is by far the best. He truly is a mindful, knowledgeable, caring and kind therapist who spends the entire appointment focused on you and your situation. Its good to know he’s there in times of trouble. I highly recommend him.” – Carol H