My Mission.  Helping Others:

Get Well.  High quality sports & orthopedic rehabilitation for over 19 years.

Stay Well.  Emphasizing health promotion and injury prevention.

Live Well – Your Daily Practice.   Inspiring and empowering individuals to use mindfulness practice and other tools to make sustainable lifestyle changes to live healthy, full and joyful lives.

My Work

The model of therapy I provide is one–on-one with a physical therapist. You will not spend 15-20 minutes with a physical therapist and then be transferred over to an aide or assistant. Being mindful is about being present for you. That means giving you my undivided attention to the best of my ability during your visit.

Manual techniques I use include joint mobilization, functional mobilization with Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), and soft tissue mobilization including Active Release Techniques (ART), Graston Techniques, and Myofascial Decompression (cupping). To best address the needs and interests of each individual, I utilize an eclectic approach of traditional therapeutic exercise, yoga-based exercise, Pilates-based exercise, Feldenkrais methods, and PNF. I create an effective yet realistic exercise program to improve body awareness, joint motion and strength to optimize functional mobility. In the process, I utilize mindfulness-based-stress-reduction to decrease muscle tension and the chattering of the mind. I get my patients to experience for themselves the positive physical and mental benefits of mindful exercise. I then assist them to transition to ongoing group classes or their own home or gym practice. This increases the likelihood of achieving a lifestyle change that continues after a patient is discharged from physical therapy.

My focus is body work and therapeutic exercise for healing orthopedic injuries and rehabilitating post-surgical patients. However, with my background as an epidemiologist/research scientist in public health, health promotion and disease and injury prevention is also a part of my clinical practice. I share the World Health Organization’s view that health is not merely the absence of injury or disease, but rather a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. I strive to motivate, educate, and assist individuals to retain or regain their mobility – providing them with tools to facilitate the transition from rehabilitating acute injuries and conditions to creating a sustainable daily practice to help them live a full, healthy and joyful life. This holistic continuum of care and empowering patients to start their own daily practice, thus taking charge of their own health, is what makes Mindful Physical Therapy unique. My goal is to:  1) provide high quality care at a reasonable price; 2) bridge the gap between rehab and creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle; and 3) do so in a professional, caring, calm setting.

I hope you find Mindful Physical Therapy to be a warm, healing environment, with the support to help you both rehabilitate your current condition as well as build a healthy sustainable daily practice.


David Borgeson, MPT, MS